Help! My Craigslist Ads are Ghosted!

craigslist ghosting If you’re using Craigslist properly for marketing your rentals it’s very likely your #1 or #2 source of traffic. So, when your Craigslist ads start getting ghosted it can make a huge dent in your stream of prospective residents and waste your leasing team’s time. Read on to learn how to keep your Craigslist leads coming!

craigslist ghosting What is ghosting? You post your ads regularly on Craigslist and then sit back and wait for those emails and phone calls to come pouring in . . . but they don’t. So you go on Craigslist to double check your ad. Maybe you typed the phone number wrong? But instead of finding an error in your ad, you don’t find your ad at all. Since you can’t see it on Craigslist, neither can a prospective tenant. You’ve been ghosted. No, Craigslist isn’t haunted. Something about the way you are posting has caught the attention of Craigslist security settings and now you are being treated like spammer. what is craigslist ghosting This has become a huge issue in the apartment and property management industry.

How do I know if my Ads are ghosted? If an ad is showing as Active in your Craigslist account and you received a Post ID, but you can’t find it when searching Craigslist then that ad was ghosted. It could be that just some of your ads are being ghosted, but in some cases all of your ads could be getting ghosted.

How is ghosting good? When it’s happening to you, it’s hard to see the good side of ghosting, however the purpose of ghosting is to control spam and overposting on Craigslist. If spam and overposting was allowed to run rampant on Craigslist then it wouldn’t be a great resource for renters or a great marketing tool for apartment communities and property management companies. By understanding ghosting and how to be a good Craigslist citizen you can let the other guys get ghosted and make sure you get fantastic exposure on Craigslist.

How can you prevent it from happening to you? Communities and property management companies using the WebListers Craigslist Tool for their posting don’t have to be concerned with ghosting provided they follow these simple guidelines that will benefit anyone:

Only Post in One Region – Craigslist doesn’t like when you are posting the same content in multiple regions. Find the region that best fits your rental and only post your ad in that region.

Post From One Account – many people try to trick the Craigslist system by creating multiple accounts to post from. Craigslist is smarter than that though. They track your IP address too! So even though you may be posting from three accounts, they know that all three accounts are you.

Avoid Rapid Fire Posting – Posting multiple ads in quick succession in just a minute or two can lead to ghosting and also to flagging. Spread your postings out throughout the day for better results.

Those looking to post to Craigslist that don’t have the benefit of using the WebListers Craigslist Tool should also:

Change Up Your Ads – If you are creating your own Craigslist ads or using a posting tool that provides a standard template you are going to need to change your ad content in order to post your ads. You should get creative with your text and titles and make sure they are different. This can be time consuming but if you are being ghosted it’s important, so you may want to start using a thesaurus.

Post Fewer Ads -you may want to post multiple times per day to market all of your listings, but if you are being ghosted you may only be able to post once every 48 hours.

You may be thinking, I’m not following any of these guidelines and yet, all of my ads show up. Well, you aren’t being ghosted . . . yet. Craigslist can be inconsistent with their enforcement. If you consider Craigslist to be a valuable marketing tool for you it’s better to post wisely and have long term success. If you have any other questions, we are the Craigslist experts so feel free to reach out to us! 

18 thoughts on “Help! My Craigslist Ads are Ghosted!

    • Outside of using our program, if you’re in the multifamily or property management industry, the above tips are should be followed. Craigslist can be frustrating, but with the right system and support you can get great exposure!

  1. I’ve been posting on CL for about a year and never had a problem till recently. I’m being ghosted, however I have been using the CLAdtracker tool and my traffic is down 90%. I have used a different computer, email and phone # verification to set up a new account. Even in the new account it is bloking some ads. COuld it be the adtracker HTML code that is causinng the ad to be blocked. There’s no rhyme or reason some posts do get through. I have also posted without ad tracker with no problem. Any suggestions?? Is Adtracker the problem if so is there another tool out there??

    • If you’re in the multifamily or property management industry then we can definitely help you. Otherwise the key is to follow the above tips.

      Remember even if you use a different email address of phone number, Craigslist still knows it’s you from your IP adress and posting from multiple locations is certain to get you ghosted.

  2. Hey, i sell cars on craigslist.. I has success until yesterday with posting, and not getting ghosted or flagged… I have about 15 accounts, and i change my IP address every time… I never have my browser remember my cookies… Recently, about on 1/18/2013 i started ghosted.. Can anyone help? Please email me

  3. Yes…Apparently, my ad was ghosted, because I don’t see it. The thing that doesn’t make sense is…I haven’t put an ad on craigslist in a while. And I only put this ad in ONE location. So what is the purpose of ghosting that ad? I’m glad I checked, otherwise, I would have thought that I just wasn’t getting a response. I put the ad in on January 30, 2013.

    I will try changing the wording and post again. Really frustrating, and annoying. Especially, since I am starting a new business, and I need people IMMEDIATELY!

  4. I am looking to post as many as possible without being ghosted which im sure everyone wants to do also. How many times a day or week would I get away with and also how far away should i stray from my living area? How long does it take before i can repost?

    • Hi Kevin, without more information I can’t offer you any advice outside of what’s in the post. If you’re in the multifamily or property management industry please give us a call and tell us exactly what you’re experiencing and we’ll be able to help you out!

  5. How many ads will you be posting per day? I have an apartment complex that needs to show up on Craigslist searches.

    • We recommend posting three times per day, space out through the day. We’ve been Craigslist experts for seven years and we have an incredible programming team to make sure you can post ads quickly and keep your ads live.

      We also have a training system that helps you avoid the mistakes most people are making so you can get your complex the exposure you need on Craigslist.

  6. I just had this happen when trying to post an ad today. Took me a while to realize what the problem was: I had copied the ad text from my business facebook page, and that included my e-mail address. I did some research, and apparently, Craigslist spam control filters any posts which contain “.com”, “.net”, etc. As soon as I changed that line to instead say “Use e-mail link at top of page”, it was instantly visible.

  7. I’ve been ghost recently and its driving me crazy. What I find to be more crazy I see the same ads 5x going down the line and they aren’t ghosted or flagged.. Thanks for the information. When this does start happening is it best to not post for a week?

  8. I am looking to post as many as possible without being ghosted which im sure everyone wants to do also. How many times a day or week would I get away with and also how far away should i stray from my living area? How long does it take before i can repost?

    craigslist ghosting

  9. How to check if my post is live or ghosted.

    Actually I report to my buyer but he back me a msg that 4 of 7 post are not live actually they are ghosted and one question is that how much time CL takes to live a post.

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