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My Scandinavian Workweek

I’m lucky to work at WebListers.

Well actually, ALL WebListers employees are lucky to work here … at least ones that enjoy time away from work. As a company policy, WebListers allows their employees to work a 36-hour  Scandinavian-style workweek. Having an extra four hours of free time every week may not sound like much, but the benefits I’ve noticed extend from having a great work-life balance to increasing my productivity when I’m at work.

Four extra hours every week allows me to get outside more. I can go surfing for a few more hours, I can go on a hike, and I can even explore many of the awesome locations that are just a bit too far away on a normal weekend, but are within reach with some more time. And when I need time to recover from helping our clients have an optimal experience using our tools every day I can just decide to do that too.

I grew up in THE big city in Vermont: Burlington, population 40,000. So, for a guy like myself, escaping the hustle and bustle of San Diego (1.3 million and counting!) by heading to the ocean or the mountains allows me to breathe, to reset, and come back to work on Monday with a refreshed sense of purpose and energy.

Things like “a case of the Mondays” or “Hump Day” aren’t “things” when I can remain energized by balancing my life outside of work. When you don’t dread a specific day of the week, or the week itself, you’ll find that life becomes much easier, tasks become simpler, and remaining upbeat, engaged, and helpful while dealing with email after email and phone call after phone call is second nature.

My suggestion for increasing productivity? It’s not micromanagement, or company retreats, or any of the other means corporations have thought up in the last however-many years. Just get outside. Or stay in and read a book. It’s up to you! The weekend’s just around the corner.

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