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10 Habits Of An Association Show Pro

Inside the mind and mannerisms of an Association Trade Show Pro:

  1. You develop “trade show strength” which allows you to lift 5x heavier luggage and stand on your feet all day without physical repercussion.
  2. You have a favorite restaurant in every major metropolitan.
  3. Music becomes a better energy drink than an actual energy drink.
  4. Your frequent flier miles are accumulating 10x faster than the miles on your primary vehicle.
  5. You believe that there is a name tag conspiracy that spins them around to the blank side only at key moments.
  6. Mints are an entire food group. 
  7. You’ve made an entire lunch out of booth giveaways.
  8. Your under-eye bags are generally counted as carry-on luggage.
  9. You become excited for prize giveaways only because it means you can start tearing down.
  10. You wake up some mornings to find that you’ve built a booth in your living room while sleepwalking.

Spotting an Apartment Association trade show PRO is easy when you know what to look for!

You can catch the WebListers crew at as many shows as we can fit into our busy schedule.  Look for our road warriors at a trade show near you.  Tweet us to find out where we’ll be next  🙂

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