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What Sage-n-Spice Yams Tell Us About Marketing Apartments

When considering new and inventive ways of marketing apartments, sometimes you’ll look no further than your lunch.

If you were to travel to the very outskirts of the universe, seeking the answers of our origins, you would find a fork floating in the nothingness with a single bite of Jimbo’s Sage-n-Spice Yams on it. They hold all of our secrets.

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They are very tender, as you would expect from a yam, but firm enough to clutch whole with your plasticware pitchfork. It’s manufactured to be a perfect bite, every time. The flavor will make you believe in angels. Slightly exotic and bold, but reminiscent of a crumb smorgasbord in the bottom of a Chex snack mix you’d dump into your mouth when your mom wasn’t looking. This isn’t a normal yam flavor! You’ll ride a roller coaster of emotions the first time you eat them. I promise.

Jimbo’s is a San Diego specialty grocery store that leans towards fresh, organic, healthy living.  They don’t specialize in yams.  My cohorts and I walk a mile at lunch on Tuesdays to get this single ready-made product, and we leave with several items. Of course, any good side dish needs an entrée to at least serve its purpose, and a beverage to wash it down. The yams are 1/3 of the equation, but ALL the motivation to visit.

If all of your nearby competitors have a pool, tennis courts, greenbelts, and free belts with lease, what distinguishing factor could possibly attract them to your community?  Sometimes this takes thinking about the real motivations for people moving and deciding on a home. Granted the level of possibility may vary, but here is a list of delicious yams that you might be able to draw inspiration from in marketing your apartment homes:

  1. Moving services (that’s right, hassle-free moving)
  2. A petting zoo with weekly animal education from a zookeeper
  3. A live music or performing arts venue on site
  4. A wine or beer tasting room with hosted events
  5. A community co-building project that will lead to a well-publicized gift (modular classrooms or jungle gym for a local school, homeless shelter, urban farming, a San Salvador ship build* etc.)

Does your community have a yam that you use for Marketing?  

Share it with us and we will feature you in a blog post!


*It was a major undertaking, but after years of construction, a large group of volunteers lead by paid project leaders built a replica of a Cabrillo ship that was a first discoverer of San Diego.  Do not try this at home; the project cost around $6.5mil and took nearly 4 years to complete.  Perhaps your community could start with a canoe.  

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