12 Clever Hacks for Small Spaces

Is living small cramping your style? Here are 12 hacks to help make your small space feel more welcoming.

1. Let the light in. Keep your curtains open and add hanging or mounted light fixtures to keep your space bright.

2. Create your own living room. Pushing your couch up against your bed divides the space into a seemingly separate living room and bedroom.

3. Consider the flow. Imagine how you’ll move through the space and arrange your furniture accordingly.

4. Forget the (traditional) desk. Use a shelf to store your office supplies to save valuable space floor space.

5. Buy furniture that doubles as storage. Keep your clutter down to a minimum by storing your stuff inside of your couch, under your bed or hidden in a stool.

6. Replace traditional doors with sliding ones. You’ll be surprised how open your space will feel without a swung open door in the way.

7. Go for open shelving. Display your pretty plates proudly without having bulky cabinets in the way.

8. Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors. Hanging a mirror across from a window multiplies the light in the room.

9. Hang your closet. Storage space is usually in short supply in small living spaces and hanging your clothes from the ceiling can save a lot of floor space.

10. Creatively divide your space. Using curtains, windows, pulldown screens or any other light material you can think of to break up your space can actually make it feel larger.

11. Make your storage pretty. Keep your space organized, but look good doing it by keeping everything in colorful baskets and boxes.

12. Create your own foyer. All you need is a bookshelf or a small table to keep catch-alls for all of your out-the-door essentials

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