24 Amazon Apartment Buys Under $75

Turns out you don’t need to spend a fortune to decorate your apartment. Amazon is full of beautifully designed and well-priced decór — you just have to dig. Which is what we did, so you don’t have to. Below, we’ve included the best decor on Amazon, from letter boards to bar carts, for under $75.



Use this rolling cart for anything from whisky to bath soap. ($65.99)






You can program these very convincing flameless candles to turn on and off at specific times every day. ($25.99)






Pour your OJ into this beautiful carafe to make a truly Instagram-worthy breakfast spread. ($20.77)






A catchall worthy of being on display. ($9.49)







Did you know that dryer sheets are one of the most toxic items in your home? Never buy them again with these cute cacti dryer balls. ($15.50 for 2)






Say “no” to watery soap bars. ($16.19)







Ktichen utensils that you’ll be proud to display on your countertop. ($24.99)






Who doesn’t love an extra-long phone charger? ($17.99)







Loud, high-quality, small, affordable speakers are hard to come by and we found one. ($20.99)






If you love to bake, you need a food scale. ($14.95)







These fairy lights add a bit of magic to any home. ($9.59)







Not your momma’s coasters. ($15.08)







A planter that looks handmade for under $25. ($24.85)







Write a note for someone, display your menu for the week or put up a ‘grammable quote. ($33.99)






A motion-sensor trash can for under $50? Sold. ($44.99)







Never worry about charging your phone to use it’s alarm again. ($9.99)






Piping hot water without the microwave or stove top. ($63.99)






An ellegent soap pump that won’t ruin your bathroom aestetic. ($10.99)







Who hasn’t seen this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser somewhere on the internet? ($25.99)







This table could be used by your bedside, outdoors or just to place a plant on. ($19.03)







Very on-trend concrete succulent planters. ($29.98)








Keep your coffee fresh. ($11.99)







What’s better than a succulent planter? A succulent sconce. ($24.27)






No room for a bedside table? Hang one from the ceiling. ($21.99)






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